Welcome to Our Store

Aaluwala is dehradun based online shopping portal that aims to provide fresh, clean and healthy fruits and vegetables at your doorstep. our fruits and vegetables goes through triple action cleaning process which includes fresh water Rinsing .

” Save time and money for yours family” Aaluwala offers all that you desire to shop for.   at best price and great deals, giving you a class service and making online shopping for fruits and vegetables an unforgettable experience.  By now you must be wondering that for providing such a premium service,  Aaluwala will charge premium amount to its customers.well,we have a good news,  Aaluwala will offer fruit and vegetable cheaper than road side hawkers. now , The main question is how it is possible to do so?  Our business model is different from anybody else who is involved in selling of fruits and vegetables.  we are working in service sector from last 20 years with different brand names like sanjeevni travels,  24x7cabs,  and sanjeevni  exports.  that’s why we have good friend’s following all our uttrakhand by the help of them we are getting fruits and vegetables directly from the farmers.  Aaluala offers referral benefits for our clients for more information you can call our office and get details.